Tea Of The Month Subscription - 3 Months

$ 50.00

Lay back and relax with the knowledge that amazing teas will be shipped to your door. Less fuss, more tea.

3 Months for $50 Includes shipping

Classic Set - A combination of blended/flavored and unblended teas of various types. Typically includes a combination of black, green, herbal, and oolong. 4 varieties in approximately 1 ounce packs of tea a month.

Adventurer Set - Expand your understanding of tea with these high quality single origin teas. No flavors, no blends, just camellia sinensis tea. There will be 3-4 varieties totaling approximately 2 ounces a month.

Add an accessory to your subscription for $10/month. Its a surprise every month! Items received may include tea strainers, cups, dishes, canisters, etc. Who knows, you may be of of the few selected each month to get an extra special gift...

Boxes ship out on the 15th of every month. Subscribe by the 30th of the previous month to be included!

*Photo provided is an example of a box set. The teas and accessories will vary every month.

**We apologize that we are unable to customize these boxes for individuals

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